Flex-Z Goggles

Skydiving Eyewear that is

durable.,scratch resistant.,pliable.,form-fitting.,crack resistant.,comfortable.,long-lasting.,multi-colored.,in various sizes.

Perfect for other activities, too.
Since 1990.

About Us

How many times have you pulled your goggles out of your gear bag only to find them cracked or crinkled? Throughout my twenty years of skydiving, this frustration led me to develop a goggle that would stand up to the riggers of drop zone wear and gear bag abuse! These amazing goggles are made from a remarkable material that allows them to return to their original shape, even after being stepped on, sat on, or any number of accidents that would mean the end to ordinary goggles. Flex Z Goggles will last twice as long or longer than the others! Not only are they more durable and crack resistant, they are pliable and form fitting, making them extremely comfortable!


Flex Z Goggles are available in Original, Mini, and Over-The-Glasses sizes. (Ultra Minis have been discontinued.) The Mini and Original sizes are available in clear, or clear with colored rims, or colored with matching rims. Available colors are blue, amber, red, purple, pink and smoke. The Over-The-Glasses size are only available in clear.

The size of the Original is 8" x 2.75". The size of the Mini is 8" x 2.25". The size of the Over-The-Glasses style is the same as the Original, except they have a 2" depth to them to allow glasses to fit under.

NEW! Fuzion Goggles

We also have a new line of Fuzion goggles, featuring the same flexibility and durability at a cheaper price! You can't beat the style, form and function of these goggles, especially at these unheard of prices! In order to maintain the low cost, they are only available in clear lens with no trim. There are three sizes: Small (for children and adults with small facial features) - Medium (for average adult size) - Large (for over glasses)

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